Sales (Farmers Market Steward)
Title:Sales (Farmers Market Steward)
Location:Minneapolis, MN
Department:Farmers Market
Job Status:Part-Time

Position Summary

The Farmers Market Steward works on the front lines of Sitka Salmon Shares community development program, representing our Company at local farmers markets, events, and other local engagements. Through spirited salesmanship and a genuine passion for our brand, they cultivate community, tell our story, and drive growth by selling CSF shares and fish. In short, they are responsible for getting values-based seafood onto the plates of fish-lovers in their region through education, exceptional salesmanship, and genuine human connection.

Essential Roles and Responsibilities

  • Pick up and transport fish, kit, and supplies from hub.
  • Commute to market or event, arriving prepared and on time.
  • Set up market booth according to company standards.
  • Independently operate booth in accordance with company Policies & Procedures.
  • Educate customers on product, brand-values, and CSF share program.
  • Engage and enroll customers into the CSF share program
  • Sell fish by the pound, follow Square Register Procedures for all by-the-pound product sales.
  • Collect emails for follow-up engagement.
  • Tear down and neatly return fish and supplies to hub.

Position Requirements

  • Weekend availability is required. Must be able to commit to a minimum of one early-morning weekend market shift weekly. Opportunities to staff weekday shifts also available.
  • Availability to travel to/from in-field work sites, using both personal and company vehicles.
  • Must be willing to submit clean driving record at the time of hire.
  • Must be comfortable using technology to process transactions and communicate with management on a time sensitive basis.
  • Must also be willing to learn new technology as needed.
  • Understands the CSA model and general Farmers Market structures.
  • Possesses skills and passion for storytelling and connecting through food.
  • Must be an enthusiastic and effective representative, comfortable interacting with the public over many hours and with promoting seafood and CSF membership with a good intuition for salesmanship and customer service.
  • Willingness to participate in ongoing training, education, and meetings (virtually and in-person).

Experience Requirements

  • Has experience in or passion for the conservation of wild spaces and the sustainability of food resources and production.
  • Must have at least 1 year of in-field sales experience. Preference given to those with farmers market experience.
  • Must have excellent interpersonal communication skills and an ability to connect and actively listen to people and their stories.
  • Must be reliable, punctual, detail-oriented, and possess the ability to take direction effectively while working toward goals independently.
  • Some form of a culinary background is a plus (i.e. home cook, epicurean, foodie)
  • Some warehouse experience is a plus.

Working Conditions and Physical Requirements

  • A balanced combination of outdoor markets in spring, summer and fall, and indoor markets over winter.
  • Must be able to lift and maneuver up to 50lbs daily.
  • Ability to stand for total duration of shift (up to 8 hours) in a variety of Midwest weather conditions.
  • Comfort in handling dry ice and frozen seafood (protective gloves provided).
This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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