Culinary Specialist - Personal Chef
Title:Culinary Specialist - Personal Chef
Location:Minneapolis, MN
Department:Farmers Market
Travel:Less than 25%
Job Status:Part-Time
Position Summary
Sitka Salmon Shares' Culinary Specialist and Storyteller will be engaging members and non-members through the art of cooking and hosting dinners through a program called Wild Feasts. A qualified candidate will know the local food scene as well as have an understanding of small -scale food production with a desire to learn more about responsibly-harvested seafood. During the dinners, this Specialist will teach MN neighbors (members and their friends who aren't members yet) about the importance of being a conscious consumer and how Sitka Salmon Shares' aims to help them become one through our transparent food supply and commitment to local small-boat fishermen who only use low-impact gear. The specialist should know their way around a kitchen and be able to create 4-5 courses from a flexible and semi-seasonal menu while entertaining a group of 8-14 people. They will cultivate community, share the Sitka Salmon Shares story, and help build our CSF membership. Logistics and communications with the hosts prior to the dinner are not part of the specialist's responsibilities. This is truly an on-site role involving cooking and stories.

Essential Roles and Responsibilities
  • Organize ingredients and menu for the dinner according to fish species available and with assistance from the MN Community Director
  • Pick up supplies from MN Hub which include items such as: Fish (reference menu), produce from FM/CSA partnership (reference menu), Market Kit and collateral, Basic Program Cooking kit
  • Commute to Wild Feast dinner at private homes, arriving prepared and on time. Average 25 miles from MN Hub-up to two hours max (mileage is reimbursed).
  • Set up a small marketing display (already created) in-home
  • Work with member host to entertain guests
  • Prep, cook and serve 4-5 courses for 8-14 people (host will help as needed) - 2 appetizers, 2-3 main dishes, 1 dessert (no prep required)
  • Educate dinner guests about Sitka Salmon Shares product, brand-values, and share program (training provided by SSS staff)
  • Set up A/V for brief fisherman video (easy USB port that we will talk with hosts about prior to dinner)
  • Engage and enroll customers into the CSF share program using iPad and website enrollment platform
  • Clean and pack SSS kitchen equipment for return back to Hub and leave prepped for the next dinner
Experience Requirements
  • Minimum 1-2 years cooking experience, professionally or semi- professionally (highly experienced in-home cook or recipe developer is acceptable)
  • Has experience or passion for the conservation of wild spaces and the sustainability of food resources
  • Must have some in-field sales experience and brand promotion
  • Must have excellent interpersonal communication skills and an ability to connect to people and their stories
  • Be able to commit to a part time position of 50-60hrs per month; with more possible work available based on performance and availability
  • Must have experience or demonstrated potential to be reliable, punctual, detail-oriented and possess the ability to take direction effectively while working towards goals independently
  • Some personal Alaskan experience is a big plus

This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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